Bakewell Flour 50kg
Bakewell Flour 50kg

Bakewell Flour 50kg



Bakewell Flour 50kg Bag

Bread that is baked from wheat flour is one of the most popular staple foods in Nigeria. Bakewell flour is one of the top rated brand and its special recipe was developed with both performance and cost consideration. Because, the floour delivers very good performance at a substantial price discount, and it has been the perfect choice for value conscious bakers. Buy bakewell flour for your all purpose baking flour. Bakewell flour is milled from hard wheat, that is made for your special baking needs.

Bakewell flour is suitable for all purposes baking, and it is perhaps the most commonly used wheat flour for general baking and cooking. The flour is produced from the combination of high protein bread flour and low protein cake flour. The bread flour is milled from a variety of hard wheat, which contains high levels of gluten. This which is a necessary component for baked items to rise properly.

Available in 50kg bags and is suitable for all forms of flour use

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