Lactorich Milk Powder Bag 25kg
Lactorich Milk Powder Bag 25kg

Lactorich Milk Powder Bag 25kg


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Lactorich Milk Powder Bag 25kg on a white background

Lactorich Milk is an instant milk powder that is fat filled spray and dried. The milk is creamy, low calories and high in protein. Lactorich milk is a product of Malaysia. It contains 28 percent of vegetable fat and it is Sistema processed. The milk is fit for human consumption.

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Features Of Lactorich Milk

  • Lactorich milk is an ideal milk for coffee, Tea and for baking.
  • Best Selling Price Lactorich Milk 25kg

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  1. I'm making an enquiry of how possible I can receive a large quantities of 25kg lactorich powder milk after making a payment. I want to market the product in my state in Nigeria. Waiting for your reasons soonest. Thanks

  2. Thanks Felix Ajah for reaching us. Kindly send us a message on WhatsApp : +2349036626785


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