Milo Active Go Tin 500g x 12
Milo Active Go Tin 500g x 12

Milo Active Go Tin 500g x 12


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Milo Active Go Tin 500g x 12

Milo Active Go contains Protomalt, a unique malt extract that provides nourishing energy to the body and a special blend of vitamins and minerals. The Energy Food Drink, Milo.

Milo Active Go is a product of Nestle. Milo is enriched with vitamins and minerals that helps to build the body for a Healthy living. Enjoy the great taste of Milo.

Milo Go Active contains the following nutrients, minerals and vitamins: fat, carbon hydrates, fibre, proteins, sodium, calcium, vitamins: B2, B6, B12, C, D, Niacin (B3), phosphorus, and iron.



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