King's Pure Vegetable Oil 5 Liters
King's Pure Vegetable Oil 5 Liters

King's Pure Vegetable Oil 5 Liters



King's Pure Vegetable Oil 5 Liters On A White Background

Kings Pure Vegetable Oil is a product of Devon King’s cooking oil that is produced in a hygienic and well packaged in a world-class, clean manufacturing environment to ensure your cooking oil is not adulterated. As long as the packaging seal is unbroken, you are completely assured of the purity and the tamper-evident seal on the Devon King’s 5 liters Jerry Can testifies to this commitment to quality.

Frying and cooking with your well-known King’s cooking oil has given you quality assurance over the years. It is now fresher than ever before as it is produced in a world class, CODEX-certified manufacturing environment. What’s more, the pack range of King's Oil makes your brand affordable at every price point.

Now you can buy vegetable oil and be sure of absolutely freshness. The oil is locally made to the best manufacturing standards.

King's Oil Values

  • Great Prices
  • Unbeatable Value
  • Wide Range of Pack Sizes
  • Freshness
  • Quality (Unadulterated) Oil
  • Tamper-evident


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