Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata Recipe & Cuisine
 Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata Recipe & Cuisine

Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata Recipe & Cuisine



SEE ALL PRODUCTS Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata recipe is a special delicacy with an absolute taste, that is prepared using the readily and available ingredients for the cuisine. It is rich in protein, Vitamins and other vital nutrients that helps keep the body alive. The word Hakuna Matata means don't worry from the movie, Lion King. So, you need not to worry about how life goes with you. The most important thing, is that, you being thankful and happy in whatever do and have.

Indomie Noodls Hakuna Matata Recipe On A Plate

Ingredients Used In Indomie's Hakuna Matata Cuisine

  1. Spring Onion and onion
  2. Ice Fish (For Taste, Flavour and should be boiled)
  3. Egg (1 boiled)
  4. Indo Spice
  5. Tomatoes (3 pieces)
  6. Red Pepper (1piece)
  7. A pinch of cube (maggi)
  8. Super pack 120g
  9. Vegetable oil (4 spoonful)
  10. Half cup of water

How To Prepare Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata Recipe

  • Wash the spring onion, Ice fish, tomatoes, and the pepper.
  • Heat up the vegetable oil, add the onion and fry a bit, to bring out the aroma contained in the onion. Then, add the dice tomatoes, pepper and allow it to fry again for 1 minutes. After the 1 minute is reached, add up the other spices and stir. Keep the put covered, and allow it to steam for 3 minutes.
Indomie Noodles Hakuna Matata is ready to serve and to eat. Indomie Hakuna Matata test really great and a very delicious meal.

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