Fogg 2 in 1 Set Roll On | Pack
Fogg 2 in 1 Set Roll On | Pack

Fogg 2 in 1 Set Roll On | Pack



VINI International are the makers of FOGG Scents, FOGG Deodorant Roll On, FOGG ATTAR, FOGG EAU De Parfum, and FOGG Master body sprays. VINI International is an entrepreneurial venture started by Mr. Darshan Patel, the DNA of Paras Pharmaceuticals limited. The instrumental in creating great brands like Moov, D’Cold, Set Wet, Ring Guard and Dermi Coolof which most of them were leaders in their respective categories.

VINI believes in brand power. We feel brand is any company’s greatest asset which cannot be created by only pricing of products. Offering quality products is a must. Consumers have been attracted to VINI products due to our effective marketing strategies that include unique TV Commercials. The Differentiation Strategy is the main reason behind our success. We always come up with products that are unique, compared to other brands.


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