Fadaella Food And Brands (Oat Milk, Kammy Lollipop And Cranberry Fudge)

Fadaella Foods products are the makers of Fadaella Oat Milk, Fadaella kammy Lollipop and Fadaella Cranberry Fudge. If you are starving of taste eat Fadaella candy. These products taste really great and their are made from candy. Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form a syrup, which is boiled until it reaches the desired concentration or starts to caramelize. Candy comes in a wide variety of textures, from soft and chewy to hard and brittle. The texture of candy depends on the ingredients.

The three brands of Fadaella are:

Fadaella Oat Milk

Oat milk
is a rich source of nutrients. It has more calories, carbs, and fiber than almond, soy, and cow’s milk but less protein than soy and dairy milk. It contain 10 minerals and 15 vitamins as well as a good amount of calcium and iron.

Fadaella Cranberry Fudge


This White Cranberry Fudge is made with sweetened condensed milk and dried cranberries! With beautiful Christmas colors, this super easy and quick dessert is a great treat for the busy holiday season! Cranberry Fudge tastes great! It’s smooth and creamy and plenty sweet! The tart pop of the cranberries is perfectly refreshing and cuts the sweetness down just enough. It’s such a perfect pair and festive fudge to try.

Fadaella kammy Lollipop


Fadaella kammy Lollipop
Kammy Lollipop feature SATIEREAL, a clinically proven safe active ingredient extracted from natural plants. It works to maximise satiety (which helps control food intake, cravings and weight). So with 1-2 pops per day, you will have your hunger under control and cravings in-check.

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