Àmàlà the food that gives you the Appetite you need
Àmàlà the food that gives you the Appetite you need

Àmàlà the food that gives you the Appetite you need




Àmàlà, a Nigerian made delicacy

"Aanu oluwa restaurant Nigerian, African food "

Amala is a Nigerian meal, a special delicacy made from yam flour (Dried pilled yam grinned to powder). It is difficult to visit a Nigerian restaurants, especially the Yoruba speaking tribe restaurant without you finding the meal on their menu. Most home in the western part of Nigeria, the Yoruba's in particular, sees Àmàlà as their favorite meal.

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Amala is enjoy with soups like “ewedu, gbegiri, ogbono, eforiro and egusi soups”. It is light weight that is suitable for easy swallow and very appetizing .

The amazing part about Àmàlà is that it is easy and quick to prepare. Although, if you are not careful while preparing the meal, you may likely end up with lumps on it while preparing the meal. To avoid Lumps in àmàlà during preparation all you need to do is to stir up the flour vigorously on the boiled water. Àmàlà can be categories as healthy and balanced diet when eaten with plenty of vegetables likes ewedu with either beef or fish which is a source protein.

Nutritional Fact and Health Benefit of Amala.

Àmàlà contains carbohydrate which is a source of “energy” required for optimal function of the body. Hence, when eaten. Thereby broken down into glucose before going into the bloodstream. The content of “Carbohydrate in amala” is a good “source of energy”, since our body requires energy to do work.

Àmàlà also contains some amount of fiber, a special kind of carb that aids good digestive that may help lower the risk of heart diseases.

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