High quality OFADA RICE
High quality OFADA RICE

High quality OFADA RICE





Mojray ofada rice | Where To Buy
Mojray Ofada Rice” is a high quality and “aromatic brown rice” with it unique flavour and taste. The rice is grown and packaged in Nigeria by Mojray foods. OFADA RICE is traditionally served in an uma leaf, a simple prepared rice, which mostly goes with vegetable stews. This vegetable stews may contain locust beans as part of the ingredient, a sauce of Atarodo (pep-perish pepper spicy) and Tatase (sweet pepper spicy), onion, palm oil, and meat.

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The rice tastes very good. “Ofada Rice” is a short grained brown rice mostly unpolished and unrefined with part of the bran still complete. Ofada rice is a traditionally served meal, that is mainly served in festive occasion as a special delicacy instead of the normal white rice.

Ofada rice is favorite kind of rice to many, when it comes to traditional occasion such as wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies. And also, in some “restaurants” in town “cooked OFADA RICE” for their customers which they enjoyed eating.

The Nutritional and health Value Of OFADA RICE includes:
  1. A very Good Source of Energy
  2. Reduces cholesterol
  3. heart-healthy diet
  4. Serve as an Anti-inflammatory
  5. Healthier alternative to white rice.
The Best way of Serving OFADA RICE:
Ofada Rice can be serve as a substitute to regular white rice, and it can also be used to prepare the following delicacy:
  • Porridge
  • Ofada Stew (Ayamase)
  • Paella
  • General Rice Dishes
  • Puddings.

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