Aqua Fish Delight Smoked Cat Fish 1kg
Aqua Fish Delight Smoked Cat Fish 1kg

Aqua Fish Delight Smoked Cat Fish 1kg




This dried smoked Fish product is smoked using the traditional method, where the fish is suspended over smoldering woods and left overnight which then preserve the Fish and give it a unique taste that adds a delicious flavor to your meals. In Nigeria, smoked fish dealers prepare this by roasting the fish in smoky dry wood or charcoal with little or no flame. The heat from the smoky dried wood or charcoal dries up the fish.

There are high demand for "Smoked catfish" in the market, those who are already in the business never stop because the market is always there and there are many buyers that are their to buy Dried smoked Catfish. Many families love the flavour of dried smoked catfish in soups, hence the high demand for it is absolutely guarantied. So, if you are buying smoked catfish for personal consumption or for commercial purpose either in wholesale or retail, then we have it for you to buy.

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