How to respond to a customer the appropraite way on social media


The "appropriate" way to Respond to your customer who wants to buy your products on social media

Like the say always goes, "Customers are always right" that is why you most attend to your customers in a responsible way so that they will keep on patronizing your business. When replying to customer's message on social media you have to be polite in responding to the customer so that you may no lose them.

Below is a conversation between a customer and customer service:
Good day, do you have Indomie Noodles?

Customer Service-:
Good afternoon, yes we have Indomie Noodles.

How much do you sale your Indomie Noodles?

Customer Service-:
Indomie Noodle is sold at ₦2,000 per carton.

Okay, I would like you to give me two cartons of Indomie Noodles.

Customer Service-:
Okay, please kindly send us you delivery address so that we can processed the order for you.

Okay, below is my contact address where you will deliver my order:
Name: Justina Moses

Address: No BBC12 Gbagi Street, Abuja Nigeria.

Phone: 090234897***

Customer Service-:

Here is your order details below:

Justina Moses
No BBC12 Gbagi Street, Abuja Nigeria.

Product Ordered:
Indomie Noodles 120g x 2cartons

Your order is being processed is being processed. You will receive your order as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patronage.


Thank you, I will be expecting to receive my order soon.

The above conversation between a customer and customer service is one of the “best customer service practice”, you can use in you social media pages for effective conversation for better sale's conversion.

For Orders and inquiries, kindly call this mobile line: 09036626785


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