Where to buy Lamination Paper
Where to buy Lamination Paper

Where to buy Lamination Paper




Lamination Paper and Where to buy in Kaduna:

Lamination paper is use to laminate's  paper to keep it safe from water or other substances that may affect it. Laminating a paper gives the paper a good-looking and resistant surface. The decor paper is the most critical part of the lamination papers as it gives the visual appearance of the laminated document. Important documents, school papers  have been laminated in order to protect the information in the document that could have been damaged.
When you laminate paper, you protect the paper from dirt, wrinkles, discoloration and aging. To keep a document safe, you most have to Laminate it.

Where to buy Lamination Paper in Kaduna
🕹️ Location and Address:
👉 No 21 Broadcast road, behind Motor pack Gate, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi Market Kaduna.

Lamination paper is sold at 1,500 (currency Nigeria, Naira).

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