Where to buy Paper Gummed Tape
Where to buy Paper Gummed Tape

Where to buy Paper Gummed Tape




Paper Gummed Tape

Paper Gummed Tape also called gummed paper. It is a variety of coloured, patterned papers with adhesive on one side for easy use. It can be Coated or uncoated book paper, gummed on one side, used for stickers, rewinding, labels, stamps, seals, and tapes. Paper Tape is also use as an insulator for electrical works in rewinding electric motor and AC transformer.
Paper gummed tape is made from ‘70gsm Kraft paper’ with a water activated natural adhesive. Paper Gummed is simply activated with water and affix to cartons to form a tough, firm and smooth seal. Paper Gummed is also used as an insulator for rewinding electric motors and step down transformer coil.

Where to buy Paper Gummed Tape in Kaduna.

Location and Address:
👉 Katsina road, opposite studio 24 central market by Kastina roundabout, Kaduna.
👉 Lagos road central market, Kaduna.

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