Where to buy Paint Roller
Where to buy Paint Roller

Where to buy Paint Roller




Paint Roller and where to buy in Kaduna

Paint roller is a "painting tool" used to paint large flat and solid surfaces area speedily and efficiently. Builders make use of paint rollers to paint newly build buildings.  The roller cover is is made in the form of a cylindrical shape with a pile fabric covering the guild to the cylindrical shape. "Applying Paint rollers" to you painting surfaces will cover a "larger surface area" compared to a paintbrush and will provide an equally smooth finish to large and small areas.

There are both foam and fabric rollers that are individually available without a handle, made to replace worn out rollers, once an old roller is removed the new roller can be fitted onto the handle part for use. Paint roller have two main component parts, this parts are the roller cover and roller frame. The 'roller frame' attaches to the roller cover, the 'roller cover' absorbs the paint and transfers it to the painted surface.

Where to buy Paint Roller in Kaduna
The location and Address below are the market place for Paint Roller, you can actually buy your paint rollers here ↓

👉 Shops at Kano road, opposite GTBank, Kaduna.

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