Where to buy Eupaoil Lubricating Oil
Where to buy Eupaoil Lubricating Oil

Where to buy Eupaoil Lubricating Oil




Generic Eupaoil Lubricating Oil

Engine oil serves a vital purpose in keeping all the moving parts of maching to function properly. To lubricates a machine is to keep the machine clean and clear from rusting and from the effects of friction. The many moving parts in an engine as they cycle thousands of times every minute. It reduces wear on engine components and ensures everything works efficiently at controlled temperatures. 

Lubrication of a Every engine needs oil to run effectively. As a matter of fact, oil is an essential element for proper engine functioning. Either, mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic, engine oil plays a vital roles. 
The key role of engine oil is to "lubricate" the "engine parts", which are constantly in friction. It therefore reduces friction which tends to increase part wear.
Product Description
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Pulish and Clean surface
  • Rust Prevention
The primary use of Eupaoil lubricating oil are:
  1. Sewing Machines
  2. Typewriter
  3. Barbing Clipper's
  4. Bicycles
  5. Clocks
  6. Typewriter
  7. Fans
If you are residing in Kaduna and you want to buy sewing machine oil or Clipper's oil for barbing, kindly visit Shaikh Gunmi market, along Ibrahim Taiwo road, the first line shop to the road, clothes and other sewing material are also sold along the shop line.

Products Descriptions Price
Eupaoil "Generic Eupaoil Lubricating" Oil 130ml ₦200

🕹️ Location:  Inside Sheik Gumi Market by Ibrahim Taiwo road, Kaduna Metro.

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