Where to buy already made stews


Already made stews

Original blended stew that is ready to eat in Mild & Hot Pot.

Made with fresh tomatoes. With the ready made stews, all you have to parboiled your rice or noodles, yam and use your ready to eat stews to “compliment your food”, so easy.

Ready to eat stews comes in sachet,
a popular brand of ready made stews is a stews that is already prepare for consumption, such stews are sold in the shops or online store.

Popularly place you can buy already made stews can be found on  www.kudyunusbislar.com.ng,  that's, where to buy the ready to eat stews.

With ready to eat stews, you don't have to waste more of your time in preparing a fresh new stews, just perboiled your rice, yam and eat with your stews.

For Orders and inquiries, kindly call this mobile line: 09036626785


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