Renew Washing Machine Detergent 4kg
Renew Washing Machine Detergent 4kg

Renew Washing Machine Detergent 4kg




Renew washing machine detergent is the best choice of washing machine detergent that gives you the best washing experience that will keep your clothes softer and cleaner any time, any day. With the easy lather you are required with only a small amount for washing. It is formulated to protect the colors of your clothes, keeping them as new as they should be.

How to get great results with Renew Washing Machine Detergent 4kg

  • We recommend using this powder in the dispenser drawer.
  • Do not overload your washing machine.
  • When handwashing, dissolve the powder completely.
  • Do not use a paste of powder and wash to treat strains.
  • Do not wash flame resistant fabrics in hot water i.e. Above 50℃
  • Always check the article's care label and follow washing instructions.
  • Do not soak non-colourfast or flame resistant fabrics, leather or garments with metal fasteners.
  • Do not check the colour fastness of any new coloured articles. If you have any doubts, handwash quickly and separately using an appropriate product.


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