Fresh frozen chicken, catfish, tilapia, sardine and mackerel fish available for sale at Kaduna Solutions


Fresh healthy frozen chicken and tilapia fish available for sale at a very affordable price

Fresh frozen chicken and tilapia fish on a plain white background

Eating of food that are healthy ” helps keep the body in a good state of health while also keeping the skin fresh and smooth. This which simply means, “eat well and stay healthy”. The stock of meat and fish are fresh and frozen. Therefore, you don't have to worry because quality is assured.

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“Eating meat such as chicken, and fish such as tilapia, sardine, catfish and mackerel, is just a better way of nurishing the body with important nutrients and vitamins. “White meat” and “fish” are available at
So what are you waiting for, order and get your “frozen chicken” and “tilapia fish” to be deliver to you at your doorstep. Receive and pay.

Where to buy knows how to get the best for you in a hygienic environment.

Delivery service in Kaduna

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  • Home Delivery
  • Doorstep Delivery
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